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Why am I NOT Coaching the Triple Extension?

The concept of triple extension in weightlifting is a topic that often stirs debates among coaches, athletes, and enthusiasts. Gabriel Sincraian, an Olympic weightlifter and a seasoned coach, shares his valuable insights on this controversial topic, drawing from his nearly 30 years of experience in the sport.

The Essence of Triple Extension

Triple extension, as Gabriel explains, involves the extension of the ankle, knee, and hip joints. This movement is fundamental in weightlifting, as it’s about applying force to the ground. However, the controversy arises not in the definition, but in its application and emphasis during training, especially for beginners.

A Personal Perspective from the Platform

What sets Gabriel’s approach apart is his focus on personal experience and what he feels during a lift, rather than solely relying on slow-motion analyses of other athletes. This perspective is crucial because it acknowledges the uniqueness of each athlete’s body mechanics and the subjective nature of the sport.

The Common Misconception

A significant mistake, according to Gabriel, is the overemphasis on the final part of triple extension. This misdirected focus can lead to a reduction in force production, a crucial element in successful lifting. Instead, Gabriel advocates for a greater emphasis on the initial stages of the lift, where maximum force production occurs.

Learning from Experience

Gabriel’s journey is a testament to the importance of self-awareness and adaptation in weightlifting. His struggles with the clean and jerk led him to reevaluate his technique, shifting focus from full extension to a smoother transition and more effective use of leg power in the early phases of the lift. This change not only improved his performance but also transformed the clean into one of his strongest lifts.

A New Approach for Athletes

Gabriel’s advice to fellow athletes and coaches is to focus less on mimicking others and more on understanding the dynamics of one’s own body during a lift. This approach can lead to a more powerful and efficient performance, particularly in the second pull and transition phases of the lift.

A Call to Action for Enthusiasts and Athletes

For those intrigued by Gabriel’s perspective and keen to dive deeper into the nuances of triple extension and weightlifting techniques, watching his detailed video on YouTube is highly recommended. His experience and unique approach offer valuable insights that can benefit athletes at all levels.

So, if you’re a weightlifting enthusiast or an athlete looking to refine your technique, head over to YouTube and watch Gabriel Sincraian’s insightful video. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more valuable content from a seasoned Olympic weightlifting coach. Happy lifting!


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