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Why am I NOT Coaching the Triple Extension?

People who teach, compete in, or just like weightlifting often disagree about the idea of triple extension. As an Olympic weightlifter and a seasoned coach, Gabriel Sincraian shares his important thoughts on this controversial subject, based on his almost 30 years of experience in the sport.

The Triple Extension Formula

Gabriel says that triple extension means extending the ankle, knee, and hip joints. Putting force on the ground is what this action is all about in weightlifting. However, the disagreement is not with the meaning itself, but with how it is used and stressed during training, especially for beginners.

View from the Platform

When Gabriel coaches, he doesn’t just watch slow-motion videos of other players; he also thinks about his lifts and how he feels during them. It is significant to have this point of view because it considers how each athlete’s body works and how subjective the sport is.

Misconceptions Most People Have

Gabriel says that focusing too much on the last part of the triple extension is a big mistake. This kind of wrong attention can make it harder to produce force, which is a key part of lifting. Gabriel instead wants more attention to be paid to the first part of the lift, which is when the most force is produced.

How to Learn from Experience

Gabriel’s journey shows how important it is to know yourself and change in weightlifting. He changed his focus from full extension to a smoother transfer and better use of leg power in the early stages of the lift because he was having trouble with the clean and jerk. The clean became one of his best lifts after this change, which also made him perform better.

A new way to help athletes

Gabriel tells athletes and coaches to pay less attention to copying others and more attention to how their bodies move during a lift. This way of doing things can help you do better and more efficiently, especially during the second pull and transition of the lift.

A Call for Athletes to Take Action

People who are interested in Gabriel’s point of view and want to learn more about the details of triple extension and weightlifting methods should watch his detailed video on YouTube. His years of knowledge and one-of-a-kind approach can help athletes of all levels.

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