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Squat Program – 6 Weeks

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My squat program is recommended for all who wants power legs, and also is dedicated to those who like to work until the last drop of energy for fabulous results. I do a lot of squats in my entire career and that helped me to discover and improve squat training and always exceed my limits when they seemed impossible.
Let’s make legs burn!

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After purchasing the Squat Program you will receive a Microsoft Excel document with the squat training in your email a few minutes after payment confirmation.


  • At least 1 year of experience and the capability to perform a squat below parallel.


  • Improve your technique
  • Improve overall power in legs


  • Barbell
  • Plates
  • Squat Rack
  • Box Jump
  • Back Extension Machine or GHD (Glute Ham Developer)


  • Program duration is 6 weeks with 3 workouts per week


  • Microsoft Excel
  • Google Sheets


  • English

16 reviews for Squat Program – 6 Weeks

  1. Graeme McNulty (verified owner)

    This program added 20kg to my squat. Very effective and I’ll be honest I didn’t really do the accessories past session 4 still got great results, I would recommend doing them though as I definitely could’ve made more progress.

  2. Gab.gm (verified owner)

    This program is for someone who doesn’t have guidance and doesn’t work strategically: someone just like me!
    I started the Squat Program and used it for Front Squats. Now I weight 4 kg less than what I used to weight when I hit my old PR.
    The program started light in my opinion, which is great, because it also protects the knees (no pain during the 6-week period). In week 4, I couldn’t hit a new PR, but today I have finished the program and I finally hit it (I need to mention again: with 4kg less in bodyweight comparing with what I used to weight when I hit my old PR). Those 2% at the end were lifted successfully!

  3. Toon IJzerman (verified owner)

    To be honest, while doing the program I had my doubts. The weights felt heavier than they should and I didn’t feel like I was improving much. In hindsight that was probably because I was not used to doing the heaviest sets at the end of the session. But Gabriel really knows what he is doing, so when the maxout sessions came everything went great. I did not have an accurate 1rm, but I improved 2kg on my estimate in week 4 and added a further 5kg (so total 7kg) in week 6. On top of that I was on a small cut. I lost about 2kg over 6 weeks, which usually isn’t great for squatting so I was really pleasantly surprised. It also meant my first time squatting 2x bodyweight, so I am very happy with the result. Thanks Gabriel!

  4. Gary Julyson Capena (verified owner)

    I’ve hit a 5kg PR in 4 weeks. I’m on week 5 at the moment and excited to see what I’ll get on the week after this one as I felt like I could’ve had more than a 5kg increase to my squat. I was a bit skeptical when I looked at the rep ranges and the weight that goes with them but I got them somehow. No fails on squats so far.

  5. Nikko Pliego (verified owner)

    This is a great program. I waited to review it until I went through it entirely. I finished today. (I took a one week break after Week 3 because I pulled something in my groin, but then picked right up at Week 4. So it took me 7 weeks total to complete.)

    The first week felt ridiculously easy, and I honestly had my doubts initially. My max at the start of this program was 345lbs (I am 195lbs, 26 years), and the first week I had some sets that were lower than 200lbs! I rarely had sets over 305lbs. However, I stuck with it and the results are undeniable. I hit 3 sets of 1 rep each @ 360lbs at the end of Week 4. At the end of week 6 I hit 375lbs 1rm. So a 30lbs increase in 6 weeks.

    I also deadlifted once or twice a week (Tuesdays and Wednesdays), usually 3 x 5s and saw huge improvements in the deadlifts as well. My 3 x 5 sessions went from working sets of 375lbs first week to 405lbs on the 5th week. I don’t know what my 1 rm max is for deadlift.

    Yes, I would recommend this program and look forward to trying it again in a few months. My focus is now to learn olympic lifts, especially the snatch.

    Thanks Gabriel!

    • Gabriel Sincraian

      That is a very good improvement after 7 weeks. Congrats Nikko and thanks for sharing with us your results.💪

  6. Simon Bøgedal Jørgensen (verified owner)

    Simple, focused and effective. Am only on week 3 as I am writing this review, but I feel so much more confidence in my squat compared to before I started this program.
    I am sure I can PR in next week’s max out session.

  7. Sebastian Munoz (verified owner)

    I was unsure about to type my squat PR because i did it months ago, and was struguling to hit those numbers again, but thakfully the programs starts off really good, and the next thing i know im squating my old PR like its nothing, currently finished the first maxout session, program said that i will be reaching a 4 kilo PR, but the program was wrong, i did a 10 kilo PR, now currently at 175kg. Really recommend this program, really happy. 10/10

  8. Alexandru-Ioan Ifrim (verified owner)

    It felt really easy so far, didn’t think I was gonna push through my last pr, but i did, in week 4 – 7,5kg, hopefully i will add 2,5kg or more by the 6th week. Overall , great program, seems really easy.

  9. Erkka Ilmanen (verified owner)

    Amazing program. I’m currently on week 5 and during the first max out day in week 4 my 1RM squat already increased from 140kg to 147,5kg. Can’t wait to hit week 6’s and try to max out again.

    The volumes feel quite intimidating at first, but you can really feel the power increasing as you train. Easy to follow and seems to work just as promised!

    If you want to increase your squat and get powerful legs, this definitely is the program to use.

    I also purchased the power program. I’m going to try that out too,.

  10. Miguel Acevedo (verified owner)

    This program is freaking awesome!
    The overload progressions through the weeks are well structured backed up by science, yet keeping things so simple.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  11. Lee Keng Tay (verified owner)

    I’ve recently purchased the squat programs for my training, have been doing CrossFit and new to weightlifting. The squat programs is really useful to have an idea/guideline on where and how to start building/increase strength in order to progress towards weightlifting, plus with all the YouTube channels Gabriel has on the technique on snatch, clean & jerks I find it really helpful. Thanks for creating the squat programs, Gabriel!

  12. Alexandre Bernier (verified owner)

    The Squat Program delivered exactly what it promised, more power. I loved the 3x/week frequency and felt my technique improve on its own from all the practice.

    The full-body muscle gains are impressive, you wouldn’t expect your lats, arms, and neck to grow so much.

    Gabriel shows you with his excellent program that the Squat really is the king of all exercises.

  13. Evan James (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic routine, only 4 weeks in and made a 10kg pb can’t wait to see the results at the end

  14. Charles Cyr (verified owner)

    I have really enjoyed the squat program so far. Already, only two weeks into the program, my squats are more powerful than they were before. Numbers that would have been slow for me to push up are becoming easier and easier. The program is split wonderfully and very easy to use and understand.

  15. Charles Kim (verified owner)

    I am in my early 30s and weigh just over 160lbs; the last I did barbell squats was close to a decade ago, where I was maxing squats around 335lbs.

    My first attempt at lifting heavy just prior to the start of the program was 275lbs for 3 reps, which were barely parallel.

    Within the first month of following Gabriel’s program, I could confidently go ass-to-grass twice at 335lbs during the first max-out session. So, I attempted 345lbs and I got it!

    I felt that I had more in the tank, so when I recalibrated my PR to my current 1-rep max, I plugged in 355lbs, and followed the program for the last two weeks: yesterday I maxed out confidently at 365lbs.

    This. Program. Works.

  16. Damian Jaworski (verified owner)

    This program is probably the best squat program i have ever tried. It is challenging, the numbers are accurate, and what is most importatnt – it is SIMPLE. The results are almost instant. Cant wait to complete the program… Again and again 🙂

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