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Professional Training – 12 Weeks

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A fantastic 12-week training cycle that will improve both your Snatch and Clean & Jerk; suitable for a competition or just to test your maxes. This is similar to the training I used to prepare for the 2016 Rio Olympics!

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  • This program is designed for advanced weightlifters
  • Advanced experience ( 4+ years of practice weightlifting )


  • Improve your technique
  • Improve your weightlifting
  • Reach new Personal Records (PR) for snatch
  • Reach new Personal Records (PR) for clean & jerk


  • Barbell
  • Plates
  • Squat Rack


  • program duration is 12 weeks with 9 sessions per week.


  • PDF


  • English

3 reviews for Professional Training – 12 Weeks

  1. Jonas Hauck (verified owner)

    Great, thought-through and detailed programming. It’s well suited to be adjusted. I’m only training for the snatch and can only do three trainings per week. Since the program has a lot of volume that’s quite an easy change. The balance of volume and intensity works great for me.

  2. Ana Špac (verified owner)

    I had a really tough time loosing my coach, so I opted for this program because I like both Romanian technique and training style. I did not expect much but it really turned out amazing. Of course if you want to make a program more efficient you should modify it to suit your personal needs and that’s what I did and everything really turned out amazing. This program served as an amazing template for me for multiple reasons:
    1) high squatting volume enabled me to learn how to use my long impractical limbs efficently in squats
    2) High volume snatch enabled me to build a solid foundation to more then 90% of my snatches, aka. i can FEEL the lift and I know exactly what I am doing and from this base I can now build up
    3) Doing volume instead of heavy singles somehow enabled my body to recover better so I could focus on my technique
    In short this is narrowly oriented weightlifting program. Focus is on squatting pulling and press variations and Olympic lifts in their most basic form; squat and power (usually one squat one power in the same day). It is specific and it is VOLUME. It enables recovery while simultaneously building base for secure snatch and C&J preformance. My only objection is maybe a too low c&j percentages during the week. I can see the idea of this because heavier c&j are usually much more stressful than heavy snatch, but I as a beginning lifter personally missed it to prepare my body for 100% fridays.
    Anyhow loved this, thank you Gabriel this is exactly what I needed for my offseason.

    • Gabriel Sincraian

      Thank you for sharing your experience! It’s wonderful to hear how this program has positively impacted your training and technique. Congratulations on your progress, and I’m glad you found what you needed for your off-season. Keep up the great work Ana!

  3. Ryan Burke (verified owner)

    Age 36, bodyweight 123kg. I’ve just started week 5 and the program is going great! My body is staying loose from the high volume and my lifts are feeling more solid. My only complaint is that my back squat went up 30kg so I get to manage much higher intensity for weeks 5-12. I’m using this program to prep for my first international masters meet. I can’t wait to see where I end up!

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