Power Program – 8 Weeks

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At first I wasn’t that powerful at technique, and on neurological tests I’m like a regular guy, nothing special. The things that helped me to improve my power was constantly improving the technique and specific exercises for power. In this power program are included all the exercises that helped me get to today’s explosion in snatch and clean & jerk.

If you want to improve your power, this program is for you.

PS: Before you start, don’t forget that results in power is seen monthly , not weekly like in strenght, or in same day like at mobility.

Take your time and enjoy the process.

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How this works

After purchasing the Power Program you will receive the download link with your program via e-mail. The program will remain also permanent into your account on the website.

Other Information


  • program duration is 8 weeks with 3 trainings per week


  • No experience needed
  • No neccesary to be a weightlifter to follow this program


  • Excel


  • English


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