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This (1-on-1) online coaching package is for those of you who want close attention paid to your training.

Every weightlifter has their weaknesses, and with my personal attention we will be able to focus on fixing your weak points.

I will answer all your questions, as well as provide coaching cues and recommendations based on the videos you provide, within 24 hours.

You can cancel your subscription anytime.

Please make sure you read the ‘How this Works‘ section below before purchasing.

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How this Works

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  5. We start working. Together!

I will be there for you the entire way and I will answer your questions within 24 hours. You can cancel your subscription anytime.

30 reviews for Online Coaching (1-on-1)

  1. Elliot King (verified owner)

    4 weeks in, really enjoying working with Gabriel, he will fix your technique and he will get you strong, no matter how naturally averse you are to having good technique 😉
    always good coaching feedback 24/7 via whatsapp and he adapts the weekly programming to your needs including mobility and assistance exercises. And the programming is the best in the business, I can recommend any of his programs and his app. However the 1-1 coaching is game changing if you want to take this sport seriously, with a good coach you can truly master the lifts. If you’re ever wondering how an athlete on the international platform lifts so well, moves so precisely, its the expert eyes of an experienced coach that have crafted each lift to perfection. Before working with Gabriel I was self taught by trial, error and youtube videos, and I’ve even been reasonably successful (Elliot King, 89s Juniors, 285 total in comp). But having a coach was immediately a life changing experience. Lifting without a coach is like trying to build a house alone with just whatever information you can find on the internet. Eventually you might get something done, but probably only to realise you made a drastic mistake along the way and the foundations are unstable so you have to start over again.
    Importantly, however, there’s something to be said for ‘good coaching’, and not just ‘coaching’. And, well, Gabriel should be head coach of a national team or something. He just knows how to make you lift good, the man is a true artist. And he’s walked the walk and come away with an Olympic medal, he understands the process that that requires like no one else.

  2. Stefany Nguyen (verified owner)

    I was about to give up on Olympic weightlifting before I decided to have Gabriel for coaching because of the stress I get from my poor snatches. Gabriel has tremendously and positively changed my lifting confidence, strength, mobility, and motivation. My split jerk needed work before I had him as my coach but drastically improved in stability at 25% increased weight on the bar. The mobility drills he provides makes my overhead and snatch receiving position feel stable and comfortable (I used to have a very forward torso at the catch due to restricted hip mobility). He knows how to communicate by giving clear advice and praises your improvement. His messages feel very empathetic. And he responds so quickly! After a month, the program he provides every week is the most fun I’ve had out of my 7 years in the gym.

  3. Jossie Calderon (verified owner)

    Gabriel took my split jerk from 120kg to 130kg in a couple of months. He taught me about balance and activation of muscles I never knew I could use in certain ways. My balance has improved. My OHP went up from 60kg to 73kg. I got stronger with Gabriel. My snatches are also snappier.

  4. Kostiantyn Sokyrchuk (verified owner)

    I spent about a year and a half with Gabriel and I couldn’t be happier. The numbers in all of my lifts increased dramatically. I appreciate the opportunity to stay in close communication with Gabriel. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and I have learned a lot just by asking him questions. For those that are serious about learning weightlifting as a sport I cannot recommend Gabriel more!

  5. Toli Gradeci (verified owner)

    I have been training with Gabriel for over 3 years now. He is very knowledgable and dedicated to what he does best. Gabriel
    has helped me get back in competition shape within 1.5 years.

    His coaching skill is very high. Gabriel is very patient, responsive, and creative to the athletes needs. He has good intentions and understands where an athlete is coming from. Through his coaching style I learned a lot of new cues which helped reach new heights. Especially in the jerk I saw progress with 2-3 months.

    He has helped me identify and improve my weaknesses. He is available always for videos and questions of any kind.
    He will tell you which style/technique of weightlifting suits you best, based on your body type.
    I highly recommend him to anyone who serious about weightlifting and progress.

  6. ardvrien (verified owner)

    Gabriel’s program writing skills are amazing. I made so much progress in my technique because of his dilligent effort and sharp eye. We analysed my weaknesses and assessed them accordingly. Communication via Whatsapp was perfect, he answered all my questions very thoroughly and quickly. I strongly recommend his coaching if your budget allows it, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete, Gabriel had the necessary knowledge to get you to the next level.

  7. Rafael Toscano (verified owner)

    When I told a friend of mine that I want to start learning weightlifting, he recommended me Gabriel’s 1:1 coaching sessions.
    I was very afraid to start weightlifting training and get injured, because I never did a snatch and a clean and jerk in my life and I was pretty out of shape. So I decided to start with Gabriel and this was the best decision I could have taken.

    Gabriel prepares, weekly, very clear plans for me and is very responsive to all my queries and doubts. Now, roughly 4 months later, I am extremely happy that I chose the right coach. Really, I’m simply loving weightlifting and getting stronger each day. The programming, the details about technique and the overall great coaching from Gabriel is awesome. I simply feel that I am in good hands and that if I put the effort and follow his advices, I will get better and better.

    Highly recommended!

  8. David Klippenstein (verified owner)

    Been lifting for almost a decade and have struggled to increase my lifts and was almost beginning to lose hope. My first month of coaching with Gabriel has made me see how to increase my max across all my lifts and make them more consistent and reliable.

    As someone who has done his own programming for many years, I highly recommend his coaching to see what great programming, technique, and coaching looks like.


  9. Johan Santiago van rijsoort (verified owner)

    A 5 star rating for Gabriel Sincraian because
    He is not only a superb athlete he become 3rd
    In the Rio Olympics, but he is for me even a greater coach because he truly helps me and that has more value to me.
    I just started a month ago after two years of no training at all.
    This is what you get from him all the promised things he says in his add for online coaching and all the things others have said in their reviews before mine.
    After filling in a very short list that you send to him he comes back to you and asks additional questions in relation to the answers of the list.
    This made it very personal he wanted and needed more information about me to make
    A very personalized training program.
    Then we started training and yes he answered the same day or the next day.
    Yes he does answered all my questions even when I still didn’t get it and I was being afraid to tell him that I still didn’t understood because I was starting to get embarrassed,he kept on explaining it And yes he did this with a photo of him in this case of how to hold my elbows up how it should look like.
    Yes he makes screenshots with drawn lines in it to explain where the error is.
    Yes he asks how you are feeling and how many days the next day. For example I was lightly injured in my shoulder he checked the next day in the morning before training how my shoulder was doing.
    He makes you feel you are his athlete he makes you feel you are special he makes you feel you can become a world champion
    Because of his quick responsiveness you can work on corrections the next training this is not only very pleasant but more importantly you can progress, get better, so much faster.
    He wants you to get better, he takes the time needed for you to understand.
    He has passion, love, mind, care, know-how and last but not least patience.
    Gabriel Sincraian is priceless
    You will not find similar coaches like him.
    There are only advantages to working with Gabriel the ones I mentioned and the one I will mention now his rate that is rather cheap or at least a very decent price to work with a world class weightlifter he does what he says.
    He will not disappoint you and that is a fact.
    I highly recommend Gabriel Sincraian !


  10. Bernardo Canal (verified owner)

    I came to Gabriel with the goal of increasing my total and technique and I can safely say in the time I spent with him he met and exceeded my expectations of what an online coach is able to do. His programming is varied to hit your weaknesses and improve your strengths. His video analysis is in-depth and he has a keen eye for details that others may gloss over. When I would send videos he would respond within 24hrs which is very helpful as I could take what he said and apply it to the following training session. Also, when dealing with the occasional injury he would be able to adjust the program to accommodate the movements or weight I was able to do.

    If you are someone who wants to push themselves to become a better weightlifter I highly recommend Gabriel. His ability to coach is 1st class and you will not be disappointed.

  11. Jonathan Wong (verified owner)

    As a beginner I found Gabriel to be an excellent coach. He is very patient and gives a lot of good feedback via cues and sends me screenshots from my videos and explains how I can be better. His programming is straightforward and is adjusted weekly. For someone new to weightlifting I really like how he selects the weights for me in the program as I am not sure how much weight I should try. He is extremely punctual in reviewing my videos and answering my questions within 24 hours.

    Overall Gabriel is a very knowledgeable and friendly coach. Highly recommend!

  12. Bunyamin Ozturk (verified owner)

    I’ve been coached under Gabriel for 3 months. My goal for these 3 months was to work on my fundamentals and I told Gabriel that I wasn’t looking to PR my numbers yet. This review was my experience, you might have a different experience depending on your goals, training age, proficiency etc. 🙂

    In these 3 short months, Gabriel was able to improve the form of my lifts significantly. He comes across as professional and cuts straight to the point. This directness was pleasant for me, because I often understood directly what he wanted me to do differently. He sometimes drew examples for me, or showed me different lifters that excelled at the thing he wanted me to achieve in my lifts.

    I found that I had to be curious and ask him questions on why or how to do certain things, he seemed happy to answer any questions. So to get the most out of Gabriel’s expertise, I’d suggest being open to learning and actively ask questions.

    Gabriel also is a flexible coach, he changed the program weekly based on my feedback (how many days next week, how am I feeling). He made sure to check in on me at some days too. Like Gabriel himself, the program is to the point and effective. He is very good at managing fatigue and prepping the body for harder sessions down the road. If you love working with silly complexes that may or may not make you better, Gabriel’s programming will likely not suit you. My own ego sometimes got in the way too, because I often would feel like I was ready for heavier loads (even though I said at the start my goal wasn’t to push numbers lol). The program made sure I paced myself though and I recognize that it was neccessary for me to build a lot of good reps with lighter loads.

    All in all, I recommend Gabriel’s online coaching a 100% and hope to continue training under him soon.

  13. Bas Boekestijn (verified owner)

    I honestly think Gabriel provides the best online coaching available at a very decent price. I had been weightlifting with decent technique for some years before I came in contact with Gabriel. He was able to further hone my technique and improve some of my movement patterns that were not optimal. I could reach him at any time I needed, he made changes to weekly programming based on issues and injuries and continued to provide in depth analysis of each training video I provided on a daily basis. Lastly he thought me a lot about mindset and was invaluable for my motivation in training during COVID lockdown periods. I can highly recommend the online coaching by Gabriel!

  14. Nasser Albinali (verified owner)

    Having tried a few remote coaches before, I can safely say that Gabriel is a league above the rest. His programming is great, he pays attention to detail, and is very prompt with his response times. Gabriel’s feedback is detailed, precise, and actionable. It keeps me motivated to go and improve every day. My body feels great, my technique improved vastly, and there is enough variety that I always look forward to the next session.

  15. Andrei Barsan (verified owner)

    I had trained with Gabriel for 10 months -5days / week programme.
    His attention to detail is next level . I used to send him videos with my lifts after each session and he will apply on the day or first thing next day. He would do a complete analysis of your lifts and will design your programmes based on your strengths and weaknesses. My snatch and clean & jerk improved significantly, not to mention back squats, deadlifts, over head presses.
    As being a coach myself I can honestly say Gabriel is a World Class coach.
    If you wish to improve in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, Gabriel is the best man in helping you to achieve your goals.
    Thanks Gabriel

  16. Pawel Siemaszko (verified owner)

    i had training block of training with Gabriel for 4 months. it was great training time, i improved my technique and hit prs within this time. Gabriel focuses on every aspect of lifting, he makes my lift look and feel better with his advice and weekly programming. he cares about you as a person and makes you feel like his athlete. had to stop due to personal reasons, but will come back for sure as soon as possible.

  17. Fergus Hewson (verified owner)

    Gabriel is a top quality Weightlifting coach. I worked with him for six months training 6 days a week. Gabriel reviewed my videos with great speed, with help information each time. Weekly program updates always changed based on previous weeks training and always challenged me. He showed great guidance over fatigue management and was always interested how I was managing load week by week. Care was taken with injuries, but he pushed me to train and train hard. Gabriel’s forty is truely technique making me work hard for good praise, which I respect a lot in his guidance. It was truely an honour to work with someone of the caliber of Gabriel and a life long dream of mine to get good weight lifting coaching. If I was healthy, I would be training under Gabriel Sincraian.

  18. Alexfromthegym (verified owner)

    Gabriel is an excellent coach. He is knowledgeable and a proven competitor in the sport. His programming is easily my favorite that I have ever done, and I really feel like I’m getting what I want out of my training. He gives me feedback on every video I send him and he always gets back to me quickly. I started 1 on 1 coaching after taking an 8 month break due to a badly broken ankle. At first my goals were to just get back to lifting my old numbers without overtraining, and I can honestly say I think we’ve nearly achieved that in just 4 weeks. Today I start a new phase of training and I can already tell I’ll be breaking my old personal records in another month or two. Looking forward to finding out what my true potential is in this sport!

  19. Sefa Ocak (verified owner)

    I am a big fan of Gabriel’s 1-on-1 coaching and recommend it to anyone. His daily feedback is concise and helpful so that you have the opportunity to make corrections the next session. He always answered any additional questions I had and checked in time to time to make sure everything was going well in and out of training. His knowledge of weightlifting is invaluable as my technique and understanding of the lifts improved vastly while working with Gabriel. Can’t wait to work with him again in the future

  20. Dennis Nekljudow (verified owner)

    Did work with Gabriel for over 6 months and have nothing bad to say about him or hes methods. Was always asking how I am and he was always ready to explain everything I didnt really understand. Had to quit due to my new studies which started to take more time so I didnt have time for working out that much anymore. Will definetly take the online coaching again after my life situation gives me the opportunity for it!

    5 stars no doubt.

  21. Mads Madsen (verified owner)

    Been with Gabriel for a little over 5 months on my third spell here, was very enjoyable as always. 🙂

    Attentive and caring, asks how things are going, even if I don’t write to him for a while. He can cater to 3, 4, or 5 days a week training, and has a variety of exercises and corrections to anything you may be doing wrong. He’s very willing to explain and break everything down for you, send screenshots and accompanying videos to show you through and through what needs to be done right. No bullshit!

    PR’d under him after stalling for a while, felt good!

  22. Pawel Siemaszko (verified owner)

    working under Gabriel as a coach is priceless experience. he has the infinite knowledge regarding the weightlifting, is very patient and is always on time. i don’t have to worry if plan comes on time, Gabriel adjusts the program with everything in mind and what is very nice, he explains the process and why i receive program as it is.

    what is really humbling, Gabriel cares about how do i feel and if i don’t contact him for a few days, he reaches to me if everything is fine. he answers all the questions i have, even if they are dumb and tries to explain everything until i understand. he is really patient and reminds about mistakes i do all the time, without being rude. he really wants me to improve and i feel i am doing progress with him.

    the coaching by Gabriel is worth trying, he is great coach and great person that builds the meaningful relationship, eventhough i am just amateur training 4 times/week. thank you Gabiel.

  23. Lauri Ojansivu (verified owner)

    Gabriel is a very detail-oriented, thorough and experienced coach. He sees all of the aspects that make your technique and can without a doubt, improve your performance. He is always on time and finds a way to make you understand what you should emphasis. With him, you learn the foundations correctly and can train more safely and effectively.

  24. mtempel@web.de (verified owner)

    From Olympic Games until today Gabriel is an international weightlifter of highest level. Regarding technical aspects for olympic lifts his experience and cues are priceless!

    During 1-on-1 coaching I got a lot of specific training tips, weekly adopted training plans and every day of week a fast response to questions and vids. Although a senior lifter I improved in all kind of lifts and enjoyed a very effective training time.

    One can be proud that he serves as a coach – his work is absolutely appreciated!

    Five of five for Gabriel.

  25. Daniel Hernandez (verified owner)

    Ive been under Gabriels coaching services for almost 3 months now and before having him coach me I had already dived into the weightlifting sport but found very little progress as its not easy to get proficient by oneself.

    So one day decided to give it a shot work with Gabriel and I have not been disappointed at all. he really pays attention to detail and gives good and constructive feedback, has top notch technical knowledge , his availability is really worth noting as well as he’ll answer in a short span of time or to the best of his ability id say. Overall I think he’s very good at programming individually.

    Ive put 30+ kg combined on my snatch and C&J, 10 and about 20 respectively, so the results are there and im glad I chose to work with him and for the value the price set is more than fair imo, as people with lot less reputation than an all world olympian, are charging way more.
    Cant go wrong if you choose to work with Gabriel as well, very recommended.

  26. Ruben Echevarria (verified owner)

    I’ve been on 4 online teams since 2017 with coaches from around the world (including two Olympians), but my experience with Gabriel has been the most productive. Personalized training is quite an investment, and I did not make that decision lightly. I knew Gabriel was going to be great at programming because of his years of training at such an elite level. However, because weightlifting is such a nuanced sport, and coach-athlete communication is important, I was worried that we would have communication issues because of the language barrier. After working with Gabriel for months now, I can honestly say that we haven’t had any problems understanding each other. He communicates his ideas clearly, he responds to all of my messages, and he always sends me the programming on time.

    I also get the sense that Gabriel is open-minded about training and exercises, and I appreciate that. I think that makes him a great coach and allows him to truly personalize the programming and technical feedback. My technique is so much better now! The last thing I’ll say is that he is also really approachable, and I feel like his athlete instead of a customer. For example, he checked in on me frequently when I got COVID-19. I really appreciated that and the other things that he has done for me. I highly recommend giving Gabriel a chance if you want to take your training to the next level.

  27. Michelle Cusick (verified owner)

    I am fairly new to weightlifting and I originally tried out a CrossFit gym and then another weightlifting gym in the area but the programs werent tailored for me. I have been with Gabriel for over 18 weeks and I have seen so much progress in my form + strengh. I really like that he pays special attention to the details. The program is written weekly and he builds in accessories and exercises that work on my specific weaknesses so I can get stronger all around. I really appreciate the timely video feedback and open communication. There is way more value working with Gabriel through remote training than some of the places I have been to previously. I highly recommend especially if you are new like me!

  28. William Haemmerle (verified owner)

    I was coached by Gabriel for 2 months and unfortunately had to stop due to another COVID lockdown. I received weekly programming based on my progress and videos that I sent and I also received answers very fast whenever I had a question.

    I am still a beginner but Gabriel helped me to improve a lot, I could manage the following PRs in 2 months: +9kg Snatch, +12kg C&J, +15kg Squat. My form is now more solid than at the beginning as well.

    I can recommend this Online Coaching.

  29. Delwyn Prendergast (verified owner)

    I highly recommend anyone interested in improving weightlifting to get 1 on 1 coaching from Gabriel. Gabriel has been to the very top in this sport and knows what it takes to improve, I think this is a huge advantage when looking for advice/ coaching in this sport.

    Gabriel is very responsive and explains training in good detail. Very reasonable pricing for his level of expertise in this sport. Looking forward to the months ahead !

  30. olaf Wouters (verified owner)

    My review on online coaching (6 months in):

    In 2015 I did a online course in weightlifting from a company in America. I couldn’t find my drive into it. So, after the course I stopped weightlifting and swapped to powerlifting. In November 2019 I wanted to do Clean & Jerks and Snatches again and I started to look for a coach. I was watching to professional weightlifters on Instagram and I really like the style of weightlifting Gabriel does. So I messaged him on Instagram and found out that he trains athletes online. To my surprise he offered 24/7 feedback and reviews on video’s. So that’s why I chose for Gabriel. The things I most like on having a coach as Gabriel are:

    – He learned (still learning) to perfect my Technique first, before moving up in weight.
    – Like he promises on his website, he is answers your question 24/7 and reviews all your video’s.
    – He is flexible, during the start of COVID he offered me to freeze my subscription.
    – He listens to my ambitions and goals and adjust the training schedule to it.

    Based on my expectation versus reality I give you 5 out of 5 stars.

    Thanks for being my coach!

    Greets from Holland,


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