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How to Prepare for Your Next Big Competition: 10 Essential Tips

Maximizing your physical and mental preparation is crucial as the days preceding your next tournament get near. Whether you’re getting ready for a run, a weightlifting competition, or anything else entirely, your performance can be greatly improved. Here are ten crucial pointers to help you show up to the competition energised and well-prepared. 1. Give Sleep Top Priority Give sleep top attention in the weeks before the competition. Recovering your …

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Why am I NOT Coaching the Triple Extension?

People who teach, compete in, or just like weightlifting often disagree about the idea of triple extension. As an Olympic weightlifter and a seasoned coach, Gabriel Sincraian shares his important thoughts on this controversial subject, based on his almost 30 years of experience in the sport. The Triple Extension Formula Gabriel says that triple extension means extending the ankle, knee, and hip joints. Putting force on the ground is what …

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How to use Hook Grip in Snatch!

Using the hook grip in weightlifting is an often-overlooked method that is shown in this video. It is mostly shown in the snatch. Gabriel stresses that it’s not enough to just grab the barrell; the hook grip must be used properly. They point out the false belief that the hook grip is all about holding the bar tightly and stress how important it is to keep your grip open, especially …

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The Types of Snatch | Olympic Weightlifting

In weightlifting, the snatch is a difficult move that needs accuracy and skill. Because lifters have different body types and skills, it’s important to know that there is more than one way to do the snatch. This video looks at three different ways to do the snatch and talks about what makes each style unique. 1. The European Style In this style, athletes put their shoulders just above the bar, …

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The Biopsychosocial Model of Pain

Pain is COMPLEX, and most of the time we cannot pinpoint the exact cause of the pain. Although the approach of pointing a finger at the source of pain seems simple, this method is far from the truth. We say this because when we talk about pain, especially in the world of sports, we must also consider other systems that directly contribute to pain. Hello, the BIO-PSYCHO-SOCIAL model! This model …

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Unlocking Optimal Movement: The Role of Bones, Muscles, and Nervous System in Mobility

Understanding the Role of Bones and Nervous System in Movement When it comes to movement, the bone system, muscles, and nervous system play vital roles. Mobility refers to the body’s ability to move freely without any restrictions, making it a crucial aspect of overall health. The nervous system plays a significant role in mobility as the brain’s primary goal is survival. The brain responds to any environmental, physiological, or emotional …

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