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Why am I NOT Coaching the Triple Extension?

The concept of triple extension in weightlifting is a topic that often stirs debates among coaches, athletes, and enthusiasts. Gabriel Sincraian, an Olympic weightlifter and a seasoned coach, shares his valuable insights on this controversial topic, drawing from his nearly 30 years of experience in the sport. The Essence of Triple Extension Triple extension, as Gabriel explains, involves the extension of the ankle, knee, and hip joints. This movement is …

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How to use Hook Grip in Snatch!

The video delves into the often-overlooked technique of using the hook grip in weightlifting, particularly focusing on its application in the snatch. Gabriel emphasizes that simply grabbing the barbell isn’t enough; employing the hook grip correctly is essential. They highlight the misconception that the hook grip is all about holding the bar tightly and stress the importance of maintaining a loose grip, especially during the snatch. The proper technique involves …

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The Types of Snatch | Olympic Weightlifting

The snatch is a complex exercise, in weightlifting that requires precision and skill. It’s important to recognize that there is more than one method because athletes have different body proportions and strengths. In this article, we explore three ways of executing the snatch and discuss the features of each style. 1. European Style: Start Position: Athletes typically position their shoulders slightly over the bar, hips a bit lower than the …

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The Biopsychosocial Model of Pain

Pain is COMPLEX, and most of the time we cannot pinpoint the exact cause of the pain. Although the approach of pointing a finger at the source of pain seems simple, this method is far from the truth. We say this because when we talk about pain, especially in the world of sports, we must also consider other systems that directly contribute to pain. Hello, the BIO-PSYCHO-SOCIAL model! This model …

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Unlocking Optimal Movement: The Role of Bones, Muscles, and Nervous System in Mobility

Understanding the Role of Bones and Nervous System in Movement When it comes to movement, the bone system, muscles, and nervous system play vital roles. Mobility refers to the body’s ability to move freely without any restrictions, making it a crucial aspect of overall health. The nervous system plays a significant role in mobility as the brain’s primary goal is survival. The brain responds to any environmental, physiological, or emotional …

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8 Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting for Your Health

What is weightlifting? Olympic weightlifting, also known as weightlifting, is a popular sport that involves two lifts: the snatch and the clean and jerk. The snatch involves lifting the weight from the ground to an overhead position in one continuous movement, while the clean and jerk involve lifting the weight to the shoulders (the clean) before pressing it overhead (the jerk). Weightlifting has a long history, with the first modern …

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