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Before discovering Weightlifting, I tried all kinds of school sports. I tried athletics, basketball, soccer, gymnastics; I even tried dancing, but they rejected me due to my poor physique.

My brother and I had two friends from our block that we would play with every day after school, but one day they stopped showing up. We were curious, so we asked what they were doing and they told us that they had started Weightlifting and offered us the chance to come. This was back in 1996, and was the first time I stepped foot in a Weightlifting gym.

I had tried many different sports at that point, but the first time I stepped foot in the gym I knew I had found my sport. There were experienced lifters there lifting some serious weight, and I swore to one day do the same.

I trained at Cluj Napoca; my hometown, for 3 years, until 1999 when my club was dissolved. Then my coach Stefan Tasnadi; Silver medalist at the Sydney Olympic 1984), transferred us to CSM Bistrita .The transfer was a massive shock, as the training was much harder compared to back home.

The workouts were in the Bulgarian style; many repetitions, with 9 sessions of squats per week, yes ,9 sessions per week; The Romanian training system is strongly related to the Bulgarian system.I trained there from 1999 to 2006, when I was invited to the junior national team in Pitesti.

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