Mobility for Weightlifting

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With this program we want you to look at the human body as a whole, where multiple systems work together to control the body in space and resist gravity.

The complex movement that the human body is capable of doing is controlled by 3 important systems:

  • The nervous system is the master controller of your emotions and entire body.
  • Breathing system that controls the shape of your skeleton via pressure movement and via airflow dynamics inside your body.
  • The muscle system that is responsible for doing the ‘hard’ work, is controlled by the nervous system and influenced by your skeletal shape.

In layman’s terms, your muscle shape (concentric/eccentric) and function (force production) is impacted by your nervous system and the position of your bones.

What Will You Learn?

You will learn how to identify your mobility limitations, and how to take actionable steps to improve them.

  • Ankle Mobility
  • Hip Mobility
  • T-Spine Mobility
  • Shoulders Mobility

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