The Scapulae (Shoulder Blade)

The previous article was all about the lower back, and how to bulletproof it to be a concrete monster so definitely go back and check it out, especially if you know that is or might be a weak point of yours. In the last article of this “stability” series, we will talk about the shoulder … Read more

The Low Back

low back

In the “mobility” series that I’ve made, we talked about every major joint from head to toe( literally) and gave you practical solutions for improving mobility in every one of them. If you know you got some mobility problems make sure to check out that series as it covers all the basics. Today we will … Read more

Five Tips to Improve Your Snatch

Five Tips to Improve Your Snatch

The snatch is one of the major Olympic weightlifting movements, and it’s as complex as it is effective. The snatch involves five major steps: the starting position, the pull, the explosion, the catch, and the overhead recovery.

The Shoulder


In the last article, we talked about the upper body foundation of strength, the star that helps you not to drop that bar in front of you in a snatch: the T-spine. If you didn’t read it, make sure to go back and check it out, as it strongly ties to what we are gonna … Read more

The Thoracic Spine

The T-spine is exactly what you probably think it is: the thoracic part of the spine. Apart from the cervical part of the spine, the t-spine is, or it should be, one of the most mobile segments of the entire vertebral column. It can rotate a fair bit but it shines in flexion and extension, … Read more

The Hip

As it was mentioned in the last article, the hip is one of the real powerhouses when it comes to weightlifting. When we talk about squats, pulls off all sorts, and especially the base movements( snatch and clean and jerk) the hips with their muscles are the prime movers. Have you ever questioned why weightlifters … Read more

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