The Foot

The Foot Stability The stability of your foot is very important and is the basis for all your lifts. If the stability of the foot is not solid and you are not working to improve this, it means that you do not work on a solid foundation and from there many problems and mistakes in … Read more

How to start weightlifting

Lifting weights from scratch! I receive many questions on social media about how to start weightlifting as a complete beginner. Nowadays athletes are not very patient and everyone wants to lift as much as possible in a short time or even better without practicing the fundamental exercises for too long. They search for a lot … Read more

How I began Weightlifting

Introduction: Growing up, I tried a variety of school sports including athletics, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, and even dancing. However, my poor physique often held me back and I was rejected from certain teams. It wasn’t until 1996 when I was introduced to weightlifting by two friends from my neighborhood that I found my true passion … Read more

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